About the CPPA Firm

the CPPA Firm is a nationwide network of public insurance adjusters experienced in assessing damages caused by natural disasters.

What We Do

Our Mission

The CPPA Firm is a subsidiary of the Consumer Protection Agency. Our mission is to protect homeowners from the many techniques insurance companies use to low-ball, frustrate, manipulate, and otherwise undercut policyholders.

As one of more than three-dozen entities operated by the Consumer Protection Agency, our area of focus, insurance adjustment, is one service among an array of complimentary services in the disaster recovery sector.


Disaster Strikes

When a disaster strikes, homeowners don’t want their concerns compounded by the entities who are supposed to be helping them. Yet, very often, more worry is exactly what their insurance companies offer. They like to be efficient. Sophisticated data mining and artificial intelligence tools tell insurance companies where disasters hit and the relative impact, often before the residents are fully aware of the extent of the damage.


Preliminary Report

As homeowners pick over bits of the damaged roof the morning after a hailstorm, their insurance company is already meeting over a preliminary report on claim offers they’ll be making to policyholders.


Assessment Independent

That’s why the CPPA Firm offers homeowners a better option—public adjusters, who will make an assessment independent of the insurance company’s people.


Damage Claim

We don’t like seeing insurance companies take advantage of people who’ve paid tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars for coverage into their policy. That’s why we work solely for homeowners, representing the complete picture of a disaster event and its impact on policyholder property.


If you need help with a damage claim, call us today !