We deal with WILDFIRE

Wildfires have grown more intense over the years.


A tornado is a violently circling column of air extending from a thunderstorm.

We work for YOU!

Did You Know?

We help homeowners and vehicle owners get the most protection possible by assisting with post-disaster insurance claims. So even if you have already started the claims process with your insurance company’s adjuster, it’s ok. We can still get you the largest settlement possible on your insurance.

Even if you think there has been no damage from your recent storm, our adjusters find damage nine times out of ten, mainly on the roof, siding, and vehicles.


You are not obligated to accept the findings of your insurance company’s so-called ‘independent’ adjuster. Their adjuster is not on your side. While your insurance

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While your insurance is obligated to cover damages after a disaster like a hailstorm, they seek to minimize the payout.


If you file a claim with your insurance company on a roof past its life expectancy, your insurance premium will increase. However, suppose you file a claim for damage 

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through an “Act of God” clause. Hail and storm damage count as acts of God. In that case, your premium will never increase because insurance companies can not raise premiums for damage caused by unpredictable and indefensible disasters outside human control. You may even receive a completely new roof.


A public adjuster from the CPPA Firm is on YOUR side. Public Adjusters are different from Independent Adjusters. They provide a complete damage assessment and

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assessment and a total cost evaluation to make you and your property whole again. You get the largest settlement possible at no upfront cost.


Hundreds of your neighbors have chosen the CPPA Firm. As a result, we deliver larger insurance settlements through our licensed public

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adjusters than homeowners receive on their own.


The CPPA Firm

The CPPA Firm is a subsidiary of the Consumer Protection Agency. Our mission is to protect homeowners from the many techniques insurance companies use to low-ball, frustrate, manipulate, and otherwise undercut policyholders.
As one of more than three-dozen entities operated by the Consumer Protection Agency, our area of focus, insurance adjustment, is one service among an array of complimentary services in the disaster recovery sector.

Our Process

The Claims Process

There is no downside to calling the CPPA Firm. Our assessment
takes about two hours, and you have no cost.

Property Damage Assessment

A the CPPA Firm adjuster will arrive at your home and conduct a thorough inspection of the property with__your__needs in mind, not your insurance company. Our adjuster will document claimable damage to the roof, walls, doors, vehicles, windows, decks, and even interiors.

You file a claim with your insurance

File your claim with your insurance company as expected. Your company will schedule an adjuster to come out to inspect your property. Our adjuster will assist him with his inspection, documentation, and estimate.

Your Insurance Accepts The Claim

We provide the insurance company with a detailed estimate and documentation. Your insurance company issues you a check which you forward to the CPPA Firm

Repair Begun And Completed

Contractors are hired, materials delivered, and work begins. The CPPA Firm keeps documentation on any undiscovered damage and unforeseen repairs to forward to your insurance company.

Final Payment

The final invoice is sent to your insurance company, which issues a check for the final balance.


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