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What are Independent Adjusters?

When you file a damage claim, your insurance company appoints an independent adjuster to view your property and evaluate the damage. However, an ‘independent’ insurance adjuster is a bit of a misnomer. Though the name implies otherwise, independent adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company and not you, the policyholder. They are called “independent” adjusters because they are not directly employed by the indemnity company but are contractors for hire.

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The objective and purpose of their efforts are to minimize the payout of your claim and save the insurance company money. Unfortunately, they do this through damage underestimation and nitpicking policy verbiage, resulting in an underwhelming claim payout to the homeowner.


What are Public Adjusters?

‘Public’ Adjusters are licensed adjusters that homeowners hire to represent them in policy claims. Public adjusters will present their assessment of the damage to the insurance company. While they are not lawyers, they are trained and certified in building inspection and construction. Next, your public adjuster goes to your insurance company and says, “Hey, I know a thing or two about home damage. I have a state license to prove it. And I think your assessment of damage is incorrect.”

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Of course, insurance companies could counterclaim and take you to court, but that is expensive. A public adjuster puts your insurance company in the position to pay you a full, fair, and just payout on your claim, which is cheaper than fighting you and your Public Adjuster. Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of the existence of public adjusters or know the crucial role they can play. A typical fee for the services of a public insurance adjuster is 10% of the settlement.

Differences Between

Independent and Public Adjusters

Independent adjusters work for the insurance company. Public adjusters work for you!

You are not obligated to use the insurance company’s adjuster.

Your policy may entitle you to more money than your insurance company offers.

Most states bar public adjusters from working as independent adjusters and vice versa.

Hire a Public Adjuster 

Know This

Your insurance company doesn’t want you to know that you have a choice about who adjusts your claim. Instead, they would like you to think that all you have to do is rely on their adjuster to come and sort out your property and offer you a check.
But in fact, your insurance company is looking out for their bank account, and while they are legally bound to pay out for damages, they will put every effort toward paying you the least possible amount. You have choices and steps you can take to get the full payout you deserve! Similar to how you can hire an accident attorney to represent you on contingency for a car accident, you can hire a public adjuster to advocate for you in the event of a catastrophe.


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